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Whichever membership level you pick you’re choosing to support the religion journalism and commentary that you see everyday on SpokaneFā and are helping support the Inland Northwest’s only interfaith community center, the FāVS Center. Above all, you’re joining a community of people who care about understanding the belief systems that make up Spokane.


For Just $10 a month you can access the members only Facebook group. Supporters also get the SpokaneFāVS daily newsletter and can get discounted access to the FāVS Center.

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For just $20 a month you can access our members only Facebook group and get discounted pricing on all SpokaneFā advertising. Patrons also get the SpokaneFāVS daily newsletter and can get discounted access to the FāVS Center.

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For $40 a month FāVS Faithfuls get exclusive access to SpokaneFāVS events, including workshops, forums and mixers. They also get access to the members only Facebook group as well as discounts on advertising and FāVS Center rental. In addition, the daily SpokaneFāVS newsletter will be delivered to your inbox each morning.

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Even $5 a month makes a huge difference to SpokaneFāVS! FāVS Friends also get the daily newsletter and access to the Facebook group.

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Why Support Us?

Because you believe these things matter.

Community Journalism

Local journalism is key to a functional democracy, which includes religion reporting.

Understanding Others

The belief systems that make up our neighborhoods are valuable and worth learning about.

Constructive Dialogue

Conversation is key to breaking down barriers, be it online or offline.



This is FāVS supporters have to say!

Ven. Thubten Chonyi
Ven. Thubten ChonyiSravasti Abbey

I love starting my day with the SpokaneFAVS news. Reading it teaches me so much about human hearts and helps me understand the lenses that people of different faiths wear to view our world. Although we may have widely different philosophical views, I find much in common with writers and readers of SpokaneFAVs—all seekers of higher truths, all proponents of spiritual ethics, all believers in human potential to care for one another and our world.

Cassy Benefield
Cassy BenefieldFāVS Writer

I really believe SpokaneFā is one of the best places on the internet, and every local community should have a place like this where people from all walks of life can talk and listen to one another better where reciprocal understanding and kindness are results.

Kris Pomeroy
Kris PomeroySpokane VA Medical Center

I support FāVS because I believe it's doing important work in the community. It's breaking down barriers and connecting people.

Skyler Oberst
Skyler OberstFounder of Seekr

I support FAVS because my community matters and deserves the highest quality journalism and commentary.

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  • What is your mission statement?

    SpokaneFāVS provides non-sectarian coverage of religion, spirituality and ethics in the Inland Northwest. We promote dialogue through online journalism and community engagement opportunities.

  • Are you religiously affiliated?

    No. SpokaneFāVS is a non-sectarian organization and is not affiliated with any religious organization.

  • How can I become a FāVS writer?

    We’re always looking for more writers! We ask our volunteer columnists to write six columns a year on any topic, issue, or current event they’d like. We’re happy to work with you on brainstorming ideas or polishing your writing. Columns may be edited for length or clarity, and in keeping with our non-sectarian mission, columns may not be used for proselytizing.

    We are always looking for journalists, too, and pay our freelance journalists a per-story fee. If you’d like to volunteer to be a columnist or apply to be one of our news writers, just contact us!