SpokaneFāVS is an organization with many branches. We are journalists, and columnists and news junkies. We are clergy. We are worshipers. We are seekers or people of non faith.

FāVS started out as a website aimed at covering religion news in the Spokane area. A small group of reporters are telling faith stories across the Inland Northwest, and about 40 columnists are sharing their insights on the FāVS website.

But FāVS isn’t just a website. We are a community of people who gather to discuss issues of faith and ethics. FāVS regularly hosts Coffee Talk forums so that the conversations happening online, can advance and continue offline.

And, in 2019 FāVS opened the state’s only interfaith community center, called The FāVS Center. Located on Spokane’s South Hill, the FāVS Center is a gathering place for FāVS inter-religious readers, and a safe space for groups to worship, hold retreats, workshops and meetings.

None of this can happen without the FāVS Members, who generously support all of this work.